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Helical Foundation Engineering Designed & Tested for Manitoba Conditions

Designing an efficient and value-engineered helical foundation is unique to other technologies. Our engineering partners make sure you're getting the most out of this revolutionary solution

Important Notice

The CCMC now requires that all projects in Canada with loads of 100kN or more obtain site-specific engineering. Our team is ready to help provide your complete application package and streamline the approval process!

What Is Pile Engineering?


Pile engineering is the process of aggregating all the information about your project and soil conditions, then using it to design an efficient foundation solution

Every solid foundation we install at Glawson Piling starts with great engineering. There's no room for rule-of-thumb or guesswork. Our pile engineering services determine the size, number, and configuration of helical piles you'll need for durable support.

  • Ensures an accurate, efficient, economical foundation

  • Avoids future problems and foundation failure

  • Streamlines approval process with City of Winnipeg & other Manitoba planning districts

  • Gives you long-term peace of mind

Why Use Our Pile Engineering Services?

Engineering a helical pile foundation is unique to the typical concrete solutions seen in Winnipeg and across Manitoba. The high performance and versatility of helical foundations can unlock huge results, but only if it's engineered correctly.

Unfortunately, we often see helical pile foundations that are over-engineered and more costly than needed. On the flip-side, it's also common for piles that are far too small to be recommended for heavy loads.

We work with engineers who are specifically experienced with helical piles and focused on delivering a design that's both safe and economical.

"Kyle (salesman) was fantastic to deal with. Very responsive and helpful. Kyle and Ed did a fantastic job with the install. Ground matted across the yard and were incredibly accurate with the install. Would definitely recommend and use again."

Keith K. | Winnipeg, MB

Frequently Asked Questions About Pile Engineering

  • Do I need helical pile foundation engineering?

    In Winnipeg, engineering is required for all projects with a load over 5,000lbs. In fact you should be extremely careful with contractors who claim you don't need engineering. Failure to acquire proper engineering can not only lead to problems with the City, it could result in a poorly-performing or overly-costly foundation.

  • How do I have pile engineering performed for my project?

    We make the process easy! Simply get in touch with our team and describe your project to get started. Once we understand your needs, we'll work with our expert engineering partners to develop an accurate and efficient design. You won't have to worry about anything, our friendly team will take care of your pile engineering from A to Z.

  • Can you assess my existing helical pile foundation design?

    If you have an existing helical pile foundation design, we can perform an assessment that ensures it's safe and efficient. We'll let you know if we identify any areas of concern and can help you revise the design.

  • Does the City of Winnipeg approve of your pile engineering services?

    Yes! Our pile engineering services are approved and stamped for Manitoba. We frequently work with the City of Winnipeg for engineering and permits, so our team understands the process and what's required.

  • Can you convert my concrete foundation designs to helical piles?

    In many cases, yes! If you have an existing foundation design based on concrete but would like a helical pile option, get in touch with us. We can review a concrete foundation design and work with our engineering partners to develop a helical solution.

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