Foundation Geotechnical Engineering in Winnipeg & Across Manitoba

If you want a long-lasting, durable, and efficient foundation, you need to know the condition of the soil beneath your feet. Our experienced team is ready to maximise your foundation success with approved geotechnical engineering services

Geotechnical Services We Offer to Homeowners, Contractors, & Engineers

Light-Load Geotechnical Investigations

Getting a full geotechnical report can can be expensive and time-consuming. Not all projects require this, so we developed our Light-Load Geotechnical Investigation service as a way to meet in the middle. Faster, more affordable, and approved by the City of Winnipeg.


Geotechnical Report Assessment & Recommendations

Already have a geotechnical report for your site? Perfect! We can assess your existing reports to provide recommendations and improve your foundation design. Our partnerships with high-quality engineering firms ensures your project is in qualified hands. 

Why Trust Glawson Piling for Geotech?

Knowing your soil is absolutely critical if you want to enjoy a safe and long-lasting foundation. Whether you're building a deck or complex home addition, you'll avoid headaches (and heartaches) by having a quality geotechnical assessment of your soil performed.

Our team has performed countless geotechnical assessments for a huge variety of projects throughout Winnipeg and across Manitoba. Taking an "engineering first" approach ensures we're always supplying the most effective foundation design and installation to you.


Why Do You Need A Geotechnical Report?

  • Avoids delays and added costs from unexpected soil conditions

  • Helps our team design the most efficient foundation possible

  • Ensures you'll enjoy decades of durable and reliable support from your helical piles

  • Uncovers areas where we can save money with value-engineering

  • Gives you long-term peace of mind about the performance of your foundation

Frequently Asked Questions About Geotechnical Investigations

  • Do I need a geotechnical investigation for my foundation project in Winnipeg or Manitoba?

    If your project has loads over 5,000lbs then the City of Winnipeg requires a geotechnical assessment. As for other areas of Manitoba, you should check with your local building permit office to see what the requirements are.
    That said, even if your building authority doesn't require a geotechnical investigation, our team highly recommends you still obtain one for your foundation.
    Having a geotechnical report tells you what the soil conditions are under your feet. This allows your foundation contractor (like us!) to understand the complex forces at work in your dirt and design an efficient solution.
    Without a geotechnical report, you could run into unexpected problems and increased costs.

  • What's the difference between your "light-load geotechnical investigations" and a standard geotech?

    Our Light-Load Geotechnical Investigations are specially-designed to be quick and affordable to perform while also being approved by the City of Winnipeg.
    Typical geotech investigations requires bringing in specialized equipment, technicians, and can take a lot of time.
    We worked with engineers to develop an alternative process that allows us to use our existing equipment in combination with installing a test helical pile to collect data about your soil performance.
    Using this data we can identify the correct type and configuration of helical piles to use, delivering a safe and efficient foundation.

  • I already have a geotechnical report, can you use it?

    In the majority of cases, we can! If you have an existing geotechnical report, our engineers can use it to ensure your foundation design is perfect.

  • Are your geotechnical investigations approved by engineers?

    They are! The City of Winnipeg recognizes and accepts our Light-Load Geotechnical Reports as valid assessments of soil conditions.

  • How do I obtain a Light-Load Geotechnical Investigation?

    Get in touch with our team! It's just that simple. We'll walk you through the process, answer your questions, and make sure it's as easy as possible. Scroll down to get started.

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