Hello, We're Glawson Piling

Our friendly team is relentlessly-dedicated to delivering precise engineering and shockingly good service

We believe the process of finding, and installing, the perfect foundation shouldn't be full of stress or headaches. After all, you depend on your foundation to bring safe and reliable support to your project for decades to come.
That's why our goal is to make your foundation experience a fantastic one. From designing an efficient helical solution to installing it in record time with zero mess, our personable crews are focused on one thing...
Building you a safe, durable, and long-lasting foundation.

    Serving Winnipeg & Area
    7+ Years of Helical Pile Experience
    Independent and Locally-Owned
    Residential & Commercial Projects

Our Mission

To make the entire process of securing a solid foundation for your dream project fast, friendly, and easy.

What Makes Us Different?

We don't operate Glawson Piling like your typical contracting company

From the start, all of us wanted this business to be a place where our families could come visit without worrying about what they might see or hear. To practice a higher standard of respect, attention to detail, and hard-work.
That's why you won't see our crews cursing people out, throwing tools, or tearing up your property. Because we treat our customers in the same way we would want to be treated... like a valued member of the family.


Our Core Values

  • Positive Attitudes, Positive Results

    When times get tough or things aren't going right, we find good in the situation and pursue a solution. By focusing on the positives and what we can control, never bad-mouthing or discouraging others, we can overcome big problems.

  • Confidence In Ourselves

    We are confident in our training, expertise, equipment, and ability to have answers to unexpected situations. Confidence isn't about being egotistical, it's about being equipped to tackle any situation.

  • Asset 37

    The Golden Rule

    It's some of the best advice around, "Treat others how you want to be treated". That means having a cheerful and friendly attitude, quick to keep customers informed, finding ways to make the project easier, and being respectful.

  • Be Helpful

    Everyone has questions they need answered. We're happy to patiently share our knowledge with people looking to build on helical piles, regardless of their familiarity with foundations.

Meet Our Friendly Team

Paul Glawson


Spending years in helical foundation installation, operations, and engineering, has given Paul a driving passion to re-imagine how we build in Manitoba. His method? Produce wildly-efficient foundation designs and deliver outstanding service to residential and light commercial projects.

Scott Walker

General Manager

Scott received a Business degree from the University of Winnipeg and worked as a Facility Manager before being asked to bring his years of knowledge to the Glawson team. His wide range of skills and uncanny ability to juggle countless tasks ensures our clients are always taken care of.

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