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Foundation Repair in Winnipeg

Restore the long-term structural integrity and performance of your foundation without excessive disruption, mess, or hassle

Have a Sinking, Shifting, or Failing Foundation? Helical Piles Can Help!


If you've noticed cracks in your walls, shifted doors and windows, or uneven floors, you may have foundation problems. Left unchecked they'll only get worse, quick repair is the best solution. Helical piles can be installed under your building to renew and strengthen your existing foundation.

  • Fast & Efficient Repair

    It may sound like a disruptive process to repair a foundation, but our accurate helical piles significantly reduce the disruption required to underpin your structure.

  • Perfect for Narrow-Access

    Our precise crews can place helical piles within inches of your building without causing disturbance or damage. Get exactly the support you need, where you need it.

  • Permanent Fix

    Rest easy knowing that helical piles are a permanent fix to your foundation problems, ready to deliver decades of confident performance.

How Does Repairing Your Foundation Work?

1: Excavate Around Foundation & Install Helical Piles

After identifying the right approach for your problem, the area must be excavated to gain access to your foundation. The amount of digging varies, but we keep it as minimal as possible. Once your foundation is exposed, our crews can carefully and accurately install helical piles at the predetermined spots. 


2: Attach Adapter & Level With Hydraulic Jack

In order to transition the new helical piles to your building, a special adapter that's designed to slide under the existing foundation is attached. A hydraulic jack is used to gently lift the adapter and raise your foundation back to level. 


3: Securely Attach Underpinning Support

Once your foundation has been completely restored to level and the problem is resolved, we weld the underpinning adapter to the helical pile and bolt it to your foundation. All that's left is to replace the excavated soil and enjoy long-lasting support for your home or building.


Why Use Helical Piles for Foundation Repair and Remediation?

Fast Restoration

Quick and easy to install, our efficient crews can complete most underpinning jobs within a single day - sometimes even a few hours!

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Precise Solution

We can install our helical piles within inches of existing structures, ideal for the unique demands of underpinning failing foundations.

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Minimal Disruption

Though some excavation is needed to expose the foundation, the impact will be as minimal as possible with no installation mess left behind.


Whether you're dealing with a bad foundation on a home, garage, shed, or other structure, there's a helical pile solution to fit.


Frost is a common cause of foundation problems, and may be your reason for needing repairs. Helical piles resist frost like no other.

Environmentally Friendly

No soil displacement on installation means helical piles leave no impact on the earth. 100% recyclable, fewer emissions than concrete

Who Is Glawson Piling?

We are a team of dedicated helical pile professionals delivering efficient, high-performing foundations in Winnipeg and surrounding area. Our mission is to make the entire process of securing a solid foundation for your dream project fast, friendly, and easy.
When it comes to repairing and restoring the performance of your faltering foundation, you can rely on our expertise and guidance to deliver an incredible result.

Brad, Colton, and Wyatt were better than I could have ever imagined. Respectful of the property, incredibly friendly, precise, and even tolerated my big and perpetually excited dog! They were also unbelievably fast. 26 piles in only 4 hours!!

Philip Ferguson | Winnipeg, MB

Frequently Asked Questions About Foundation Repair in Winnipeg

Have questions about restoring the integrity of your foundation with helical piles? You've come to the right place - and don't forget to contact our team if you can't find your answer below!

Why choose helical piles for foundation repair?

Helical piles are a great choice for foundation repair due to their speed of installation, minimal disruption, and ease of use. Transferring structural loads deep into stable soils, they take the pressure off your troubled foundation and rejuvenate the support under your structure.

How are underpinning helical piles installed?

It's easier than you may think! An area around your foundation is carefully excavated, your helical piles are quietly installed, underpin adapters are installed, and your foundation is levelled using hydraulic jacks. Everything is secured in place, and you're project is done!

What buildings can helical piles underpin?

You can use helical piles to restore the foundation on a huge range of structures. Residential homes, commercial buildings, historical structures, monuments, bridges, walkways, and more! From light to heavy loads, we can apply a helical pile solution almost anywhere.

How long will it take to repair my foundation?

The length of your project depends on the size and complexity of the work to be completed. However, thanks to the speed and efficiency of helical piles, many projects can actually be completed within a single day! Get a permanent foundation fix without the waiting.

What's the cost of foundation repair?

There's no one single cost of foundation underpinning and repair, as each project is unique. However, generally speaking, helical piles may have a slightly higher initial cost. This is quickly offset by their rapid installation, minimal disruption, and long-term performance,

Do I need a permit for foundation repair?

Yes! The City of Winnipeg requires development and building permits be acquired before proceeding with the project. Areas outside of Winnipeg will have their own rules regarding permits and permissions, so be sure to always check with your local authorities first.

Get In Touch With The Glawson Piling Team

Our friendly foundation professionals are always happy to answer your questions, provide a quote, or offer advice on your foundation needs. Whether you prefer phone, email, or social media, here's how to connect with us...


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