What You Need to Know About Helical Pile Foundations

First invented nearly 200 years ago, this incredible foundation solution is unlocking wild efficiency, economy, and durability for homeowners and contractors in Winnipeg and across Manitoba

But, don't worry if you're not familiar with the technology.
On this page, find out what you need to know about this fantastic foundation solution and how it can help your next project. Scroll down to reveal:

    What are helical piles and how do they work?
    Projects that can be supported with a helical pile foundation
    Benefits of helical piles in Winnipeg and Manitoba soils
    Frequently asked questions (and answers) about helical piles

How A Helical Pile Works

See how the unique design of a helical pile unlocks your ability to build projects faster, easier, and for less money, compared to other foundation solutions

  • 1

    Pile Adapter

    This adjustable adapter transitions from the helical pile to your structure. We have several styles of adapter to suit your needs.

  • 2

    Wind Lift

    A wind lift secures to the top of the pile and allows for easy attachment of our adjustable adapters.

  • 3

    Pile Shaft

    Manufactured from quality steel in Canada, the pile shaft forms a sturdy core for the helical pile.

  • 4

    Helix Plate

    Helix plates deliver most of a helical pile's load capacity. The design eliminates soil disturbance and makes installation easy.

  • 5

    Pilot Point

    A 45 degree angle at the end of the helical pile helps it penetrate tough soils and ensures pin-point accuracy.


Offering galvanized and bare steel piles to deliver long-life in any soil


We stock a variety of pile sizes in-house to suit small or large projects


All our helical piles are manufactured right here in Canada


Every one of our foundations is engineer-stamped and approved for Manitoba

What Can You Build On a Helical Pile Foundation?

Incredibly adaptable and delivering high-performance in a wild range of soil conditions, we can support your dream-projects on helical piles


Decks & Patios


Sheds, Garages, Outbuildings


New Homes & Home Additions


Cottages & Cabins


Play Structures


Pizza Ovens


Flagpoles, Signs, Lighting


Boat & Swimming Docks


Retaining Walls






Foundation Remediation



Benefits of Helical Pile Foundations

Why are more people choosing helical pile foundations for their projects? There's a lot of reasons, but here's a few to consider

Built For Our Manitoba Climate

Our tough climate puts a huge amount of stress on your foundation. So, it's critical you have a solid footing. Helical piles are built to overcome our challenging conditions and protect your flagpole, sign, or light, from soil movement.

Approved By Engineers

Helical piles are recognised and accepted as a safe and reliable foundation by local and national engineers. In fact, helical foundations are included in international building codes and studied by universities across the world.

Fast, Efficient, Easy Installation

Time is money in your building project. The faster your foundation is ready to use, the sooner you'll be enjoying that new flag, sign, or light standard. Our experienced team can install your foundation in a single day and let you build faster

Zero Mess Or Damage To Your Property

While some foundations require extensive digging and disruption to your yard, helical piles are turned into the ground without displacing the soil. The result? No piles of dirt to haul away, torn-up landscaping, or concrete waste left behind

Environmentally-Friendly, Lower Carbon

Construction is a big contributor to carbon emissions, but an easy way to reduce your environmental footprint is to use helical piles. Not only can they be easily removed and 100% recycled someday, they output far fewer carbon emissions than concrete.

Can Be Installed In Almost Any Location

Our compact machines ensure that we can install helical piles for your flagpole, sign, or light, in practically any location. Working around tight-access spots and obstructions, we'll put your foundation exactly where it needs to go.

How a Helical Pile Foundation is Installed

Wondering what it takes to have a helical pile foundation installed for your project? Great news, it's a simple and streamlined process!


1. Design

Great foundations are built on great designs. The first step is to understand your project, soil conditions, and key considerations. This information is then used to engineer a perfect helical pile solution.


2. Install

Using special attachments on equipment like excavators, a helical pile is smoothly rotated into the ground with no disturbance. They can even be placed within inches of existing structures!


3. Finishing

After your helical piles are installed, special adjustable adapters are used on the top to make it a breeze to transition from the foundation to your structure. Simple, convenient, and accurate.


4. Success!

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your foundation will never shift, move, or fail. Beyond occasional inspection, helical piles require zero on-going maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions About Helical Pile Foundations

  • What are helical piles, exactly?

    Helical piles are a type of deep foundation technology, comprised of a steel shaft with one or more "helical plates" welded to them. They're turned into the ground, somewhat like a giant screw, to reach firm and supportive layers of soil.
    The pressure of the soil on the helix plates prevents the helical pile from moving up, down, or side-to-side. A durable and strong support for projects like home additions, decks, sunrooms, light commercial, and more!

  • How much does a helical pile foundation cost?

    The cost of your helical pile foundation depends on things like:● Size of helical piles required● Type of structure to be supported● Number of piles needed● Site location ● Ground conditions● Finishing work
    That's why we can't offer a "one size fits all" answer. Some companies will give "ballpark" prices, but this often leads to headaches down the road. If you'd like an accurate estimate of the cost of your helical pile foundation, get in touch with our team!

  • Why do people choose helical pile foundations?

    There's an abundance of reasons to go with a helical pile foundation, here's just some of them:● No excavation● Faster to install● No cure time● More versatile● Zero mess● No ground disturbance● Great for tight spaces● Lower carbon emissions● More efficient and economical

  • What can you use helical piles to support?

    Practically anything! Helical piles are used extensively throughout Manitoba for a wide range of projects. Here at Glawson Piling, we use helical piles for:● Decks & Patios● Sheds, Garages, Outbuildings● Home Additions● Boardwalks● Footbridges● Lightpoles● Car Ports● Stair Systems● And a whole lot more!
    If you have a different project in mind for helical piles, get in touch and we'll be happy to help.

  • Are helical piles approved by engineers?

    Helical piles are absolutely approved by engineers, both here in Manitoba and across the world. They have a place in international building codes and are an accepted foundation solution for residential, commercial, and industrial construction.

  • Can I install a helical pile by myself?

    Unfortunately you cannot install a helical pile on your own. It's a technical process that demands skill and experience to do properly. An improperly-installed helical pile will be much more likely to fail or be inaccurate. Plus, you need equipment like a special drive to rotate the pile into the ground.
    The best thing to do is work with an experienced and trustworthy contractor to ensure your foundation is installed safely and correctly.

  • What's the lifespan of a helical pile foundation?

    The ultimate lifespan of a helical pile depends on several factors, such as moisture levels and soil corrosivity.
    However, the Almita-brand piles we use at Glawson Piling are rated for a 50-year life, and could last far beyond that. There are structures in the world over 150 years old, still standing on a helical pile foundation.

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