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Helical Pile Foundations For Signage

Tall or short, large or small, build your sign on a rapid and resilient foundation ready to deliver decades of support

How Helical Foundations Work For Signage


Building your sign on a foundation that won't shift or move along with the ground is tougher than you might think. Loose soils, excess moisture, and harsh weather, are just a few of the factors that drive foundation failure under signage. Get better support for your sign installed in a fraction of the time with helical piles. Resistant to movement, more durable than concrete, easier to use.

  • Better Sign Support

    Even small signs are subject to strong structural loads from high winds, bad weather, and freeze/thaw cycles. Helical piles anchor in firm layers of soil and defend against movement

  • Single-Day Solution

    Speedy installation enables you to go from a bare patch of ground to ready-to-use sign foundation in a few short hours. No wasted time waiting for concrete to dry

  • Long Lifespans

    Our tough helical piles have a minimum design life of 50 years once installed. That means long-term support and protection for your sign

Why Helical Pile Foundations for Signage in Winnipeg?

  • Save Your Time

    With helical piles, we can have an unshakeable foundation for your signage installed in a few short hours or less! Compare that to the digging, pouring, and waiting for curing, that comes with concrete. Using a helical foundation saves days, even weeks, on your signage installation.

  • Big Support For Big, And Small, Signs

    The bigger your sign gets, the more support you'll need from the foundation. Harsh weather, tough winters, and high winds, exerts huge forces on your sign. Because helical piles offer enormous load capacities and protection against shifting soils, they're perfect for small, large, short, or tall signs.

  • The Easiest Foundation Solution

    No matter what type of sign you're looking to build, we have the right helical pile foundation for you. We offer a variety of off-the-shelf pile adapters that make it quick and easy to connect your sign to the foundation. Need a custom design? No problem! Our team can design custom adapters to suit virtually any demand.


Who Is Glawson Piling?

Our business was founded on a simple purpose: deliver outstanding engineered foundations to small and large projects in Winnipeg and across Manitoba.
That's why we provide detailed pile reports for every single foundation our team installs. Yes, including for signage! You deserve a stress-free foundation experience, our team is ready to deliver it.

"Shante and her crew (Coleton and Wyatt) were awesome. Perfect results, very friendly, professional, and communicative. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to anyone."

Jesse Perry | Winnipeg, MB

A 1-2-3 Process To Get Your Signage Foundation


Foundation Design & Estimate

Everything starts by working with our team to determine the right foundation solution for your sign. We'll explain every step of the process so you know exactly what you're getting and the honest cost.


Job Scheduling & Installation

Your time is valuable, which is why we show up on-time and ready to work on install day. After a walk-around to ensure everything is ready, we'll safely unload the equipment and get busy on your foundation!


On-Going Support & Quality Assurance

If you have questions about your new helical pile foundation, such as how to build on it, we're happy to help! You can always call our team after installation for answers and support, we'll be here for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Signage Foundations in Winnipeg

Have questions about securing solid support for your sign in Winnipeg or throughout Manitoba? You've come to the right place - and don't forget to contact our team if you can't find your answer below!

Why should I use helical piles for signage?

There's a bundle of reasons, but the biggest benefits are speed of installation, minimal disturbance, can be loaded immediately, and superior defense against shifting of movement from freeze-thaw cycles. Suitable for a range of soil conditions and sign sizes, helical piles are an efficient and durable foundation.

Can helical piles support large, heavy signs?

Yes! Helical piles can comfortably support a wide range of sign sizes and weights. We stock multiple types of helical piles and can design a solution to deliver lasting support for large signs in weak or poor soils. Get in touch with our team and we'll guide you through the process of devising a robust helical solution.

Is a helical pile cheaper than other solutions?

It depends! The initial cost of helical piles may be higher, but there's much more to consider when calculating cost-efficiency. Don't forget to consider the speed, safety, versatility, durability, performance, and no-mess, that helical piles offer. All things considered, we believe helical piles are a more economical option!

How do helical piles manage harsh weather?

Completely fine! Our helical piles are available with a galvanized coating, making them resistant to the harsh weather and climate we face in Manitoba. They're more than capable of withstanding freeze-thaw cycles, floods, droughts, and even fire (within reason, of course).

Are helical piles a sustainable foundation?

Yes! A big advantage of helical piles is that their installation causes no soil displacement or disturbance to the area. Ideal for use in areas where environmental preservation is key. Additionally, they can be removed without a trace and complete recycled or even reused after inspection.

How much does a helical pile foundation cost?

The cost of your helical pile foundation ultimately depends on a range of factors including soil conditions, size of project, location, difficulty, and so on. To get an accurate quote for your helical foundation, simply get in touch with our team!

Get In Touch With The Glawson Piling Team

Our friendly foundation professionals are always happy to answer your questions, provide a quote, or offer advice on your foundation needs. Whether you prefer phone, email, or social media, here's how to connect with us...


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