Durable Foundations For Play Structures in Winnipeg

Keep outdoor play-time safe by building your backyard play structure on helical piles, a secure foundation solution that won't damage your lawn and can be easily removed


Helical Piles: A Better Support For Play Structures & Playgrounds

When kids are at play, you want to know the equipment they use is mounted on an immovable foundation. Helical piles make installing firm foundations for play structures a fast, smooth, and stress-free experience.

  • Lightning-quick to install, a typical play structure foundation can be finished in a few short hours

  • Durable "helix plate" anchors firmly below the frost line, defending against movement from the freeze-thaw cycle

  • Can be removed without damage to your lawn by simply reversing them out of the ground, easy future remediation

Why Helical Pile Foundations for Play Structures in Winnipeg?

  • Safe & Solid Support

    When your kids are at play, you want to know they'll be safe. That starts by ensuring your foundation will never shift or sink. Helical piles anchor into supportive layers of soil below the frost-line, delivering unparalleled protection from movement and failure.

  • No Digging, No Mess, No Headaches

    Building a play structure to maximise backyard-fun shouldn't mean you have to dig up your yard and create a mess. Unlike the excavation you'd have to do for other solutions, a helical pile foundation smoothly turns into the earth without displacing the soil. No holes to worry about, no mess to clean up later.

  • Easy To Remove & Recycle Or Re-Use

    Someday, when the kids are grown, you may not want to keep that play structure around. When that time comes, it will be a breeze to reverse the helical piles from the ground. Because they don't damage or displace soil, they leave no evidence behind. After removal the piles can be 100% recycled or even re-used for a new project if approved on inspection.


A Foundation in 1-2-3 for Your Play Structure


Helical piles are installed 10' to 15' deep in order to prevent movement from frost during Manitoba winters



An adjustable adapter is installed at the top of the helical pile to provide an easy platform to connect your foundation to the play structure


Your foundation is ready to reliably and safely support your play structure for years to come


Who is Glawson Piling?

Manitoba has a problem. Far too many play structures are being built on foundations that are messy to install, slow to dry, and prone to shifting in our brutal winters.
We started Glawson Piling to provide homeowners and contractors with a foundation solution that's fast, strong, creates no mess, and won't budge even in the harshest weather. Fiercely independent, locally-owned, 100% committed to delivering unrivalled service.

Shante and her crew (Coleton and Wyatt) were awesome. Perfect results, very friendly, professional, and communicative. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to anyone.

Jesse Perry

How Your Helical Foundation Process Works

Curious if helical piles are the right choice for your play structure? Our friendly team takes the mystery out of your foundation and makes it easy to understand your options

  • Foundation Design & Estimate

    Everything starts by working with our team to determine the right foundation solution for your play structure. We'll explain every step of the process so you know exactly what you're getting and the honest cost.

  • Hassle-Free Installation

    Your time is valuable, which is why we show up on-time and ready to work on install day. After a walk-around to ensure everything is ready, we'll safely unload the equipment and get busy on your foundation!

  • Finishing Work

    Once the helical piles are installed, we attach the correct adapters to connect to your play structure and laser-level each one. At this point, you'll be ready to start building on your foundation. No cure time required.

Get In Touch With The Glawson Piling Team

Our friendly foundation professionals are always happy to answer your questions, provide a quote, or offer advice on your foundation needs. Whether you prefer phone, email, or social media, here's how to connect with us...


285 Gunn Rd Sunnyside, MB R5R 0C7


Monday - Friday 8 AM - 4 PM


(204) 201-1565moc.gnilipnoswalg%40selas

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Areas Glawson Piling Serves With Helical Pile Foundations

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